Note: I’m rereading this in the first quarter of 2011 and it’s pretty obsolete. I’ll update it at some point.

I’ve had scattered notes on setting up a new development computer from scratch in Backpack for years now. Hopefully collecting them here will make it more likely that they’ll stay up-to-date. This is my environment, probably not what I’d suggest for you.

I don’t necessarily install all of these all the time (MySQL), but I’d still rather have all the instructions in one place.

These notes assume Mac OS X Leopard, with the developer tools installed.

Fundamental Stuff

Important Stuff

Nice Stuff

Profile, Emacs Configuration, etc.

I keep most of my dotfiles in a Git repository and symlink them. I do the same thing with Dropbox for 1Password and Things.


$ sudo gem update --system


$ sudo port install git-core +svn +doc
$ git config --global John Barnette
$ git config --global


$ sudo port install mysql5-server
$ sudo mysql_install_db5 --user=mysql
$ sudo port load mysql5-server

Add /opt/local/lib/mysql5/bin to your path, and this should work:

$ mysql -uroot

MySQL Ruby Bindings

sudo gem install mysql --                                    \
  --with-mysql-include=/opt/local/include/mysql5             \
  --with-mysql-lib=/opt/local/lib/mysql5                     \